Commitment to quality and confidentiality


At Omnitouch, we are committed to doing everything in our power to achieve quality service with all our contacts. The route to true quality however is never straightforward, for this reason, we have a mechanism in place for continuous assessment and improvement to ensure that we will always move steadily towards perfection and this is for the benefit of all our customers more than anything else.

The mechanism for continuous assessment and improvement involves:

  • Operation of a team of service quality monitoring and coaching staff.
  • Determination of critical performance indicators and keeping a record of their application per employee.
  • Assessment of performance indicators through recorded audio calls on a monthly basis and consequent coaching sessions.
  • Keeping a record for all staff.
  • Assessment of performance indicators through side-by-side evaluation sessions where calls are listened to live, in real time.
  • Communication with all our customers every 15 days from our customer relations department for evaluation of their account and fix any potential problems.
  • We constantly train our employees in order to ensure that our service level is always improving.

We anticipate that Omnitouch Cyprus Ltd will become a benchmark among the business world of Cyprus for its professionalism.


It is our primary consideration is to commit to the confidentiality of our customers information. For this purpose, we take appropriate measures to ensure confidentiality of this information.

Confidentiality is guaranteed in the following ways:

  • Confidentiality contracts signed by all personnel, which remain in force even after the departure of staff from the company.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements signed between our company and all our existing or prospective customers.
  • Denied access to the call floor by people who are unaccompanied or not working in the company and in possession of the relevant password.
  • Mobile phones are expressly prohibited in the call floor area.
  • Service advisors are not allowed to carry any notes outside call floor area and must destroy them before leaving.
  • CCTV cameras in operation in all sensitive areas.
  • There is no information stored locally on the computers and access to information only becomes one record at a time via the service script.

Please note that each of our customers is entitled to set the timeframe for which we will keep their file of contacts or their database. After this period of time all data shall be destroyed or delivered to the customer in the format they require.