Company profile

A privately owned company based in Limassol with a combined experience of company executives that exceeds 30 years in the field of call centers. This accumulation of experience and knowledge has led to the creation of an advanced contact management center that can manage multiple contact channels and meet the needs of even the most demanding customer in both the domestic and the international market.

We cover almost all contact channels such as telephone, chat, sms, fax, email and offer a very wide range of services such as:

  • Telesecretary
  • Telecare
  • Customer Service
  • Appointment Management
  • Order Placement
  • Debt Collection
  • Performing Telepromotion/Telesales
  • Performing market research and mystery shopping
  • Security Alarm Monitoring (coming soon)
  • Staff Insourcing
  • Automated Services via IVR
  • Management of email accounts and fax
  • Customer service via web-chat
  • Sending bulk SMS

Our solutions are designed based on the triptych customer loyalty – sales increase – cost reduction for a wide range of clients from small to very large businesses or even Government departments.

Some brief facts:

  • The combined experience of the executives of Omnitouch in the field is over 30 years.
  • The company is housed in a fully refurbished and specially designed space exceeding 1000sqm.
  • Our technology comes from Altitude Software which is among the industry’s pioneers in terms of management suites for contact centers
  • Limassol is an ideal location to host a contact center as TEPAK (Cyprus University of Technology) is located here, as well as several other colleges; this allows us to also employ students of various specialties. Additionally, in Limassol there are large communities of immigrants from countries such as the United Kingdom, Serbia, Russia, various Arab countries etc. The majority of Cypriots speak English very well and the multinational nature of Limassol allows us to find other languages as well.
  • Cyprus is a full member of the European Union, however labour costs remain relatively low allowing us to offer very competitive pricing.