Vision, Mission and Values


To create and maintain a market in Cyprus for Business Process Outsourcing and to provide high quality solutions to meet the needs of all businesses regardless of size.


At Omnitouch our goal is to help each company-client to ensure contact with their customers or partners will always end up as an unsurpassed positive experience. To achieve this we looked for the best staff, the best technology, the best education and we have designed flexible affordable solutions for every client. We defined our product as professionalism and do everything to promote it through our every transaction helping our clients to…make the difference.



The secret of our success is our staff. We provide a pleasant friendly work environment where the appropriate mechanism is in place for the recognition of each individual’s contribution. In return our staff makes every effort to strengthen our aspiration to showcase Omnitouch and establish it as a synonym of quality of service.


We are constantly looking for ways to be more productive. This continuous improvement and effectiveness is often supported by specially designed software applications from our own team of developers. In this way transfer the benefit to our customers in the form of cost reduction and set high goals for potential competitors.


It’s not enough for us to be good, cheap, big, etc. Our goal is one and all our actions revolve around it …to be the BEST. We will continue the successes, we will continue to grow, always having our staff, our customers and the technology that supports us as our focal point.

Honesty and sincerity

Both internally and externally our transactions are made with the utmost respect and attention that they deserve. Our basic principle is that we want to always create conditions where our partners, whether they are employees, associates, customers etc feel that we will all benefit from of correct and sincere cooperation.