Our Approach (Why Omnitouch?)

At Omnitouch our solutions are designed based on the triptych customer loyalty – sales increase – cost reduction.

The three basic principles that supported our business model:

Customer Loyalty: Our every process and action always aims to ensure that the customer (either ours or our clients) will complete their contact with us having a positive feeling. This positive feeling gradually gains the trust of the customer who in turn becomes attached and won’t easily attempt or risk to lose it. Especially with regards our own customers, in which case we have full control over the whole process, we do everything in our power to please them even if it this often means reducing our own benefits or straying from the agreement with additional cost to us.

Sales increase: All over the world, regardless of language, culture and color, given the choice everybody would buy something from someone they like and trust. All our service consultants are trained specifically to showcase and promote to the customer that feeling of confidence; something which under the appropriate circumstances significantly enhances sales. Quality service and professionalism are tools for an easier sale and at Omnitouch we know how to handle them very well.

Cost reduction: In a call center the secret of success lies in the economies of scale, especially in Cyprus where the sizes of business do not allow for large investments in technology and infrastructure at the same time as operating a call center for the potentially small number of contacts of each company. We offer precisely this ability to provide service excellence through a technologically advanced contact centre 24 hours a day and all this only costs as long as our consultants are handling your affairs without any additional cost in technology, infrastructure, maintenance, etc.