At Omnitouch Cyprus Ltd call management is our job. Your telesecretary may not be able to make you coffee but with prices for telesecretary services starting from 6 €/day surely we can tempt you to make it yourself or even better, drink at a cafe with the peace of mind that we are handling your calls.

Our professional agents are always there, 24 hours a day, to answer your calls as if they were in your own office. Forget about sickness leave, vacations, holidays etc, we are always ready to respond on your behalf.

Supported by our excellent technological infrastructure and our software applications, we can easily and instantly adapt to your needs. Our experienced staff manage your calls, both incoming and outgoing. We serve you or your customers always offering correct professional service, saving you the cost of recruiting a secretary whilst providing you with multiple benefits.

Specifically, our telesecretary service provides, inter alia, the following:

  • Booking appointments
  • Reminders for upcoming appointments (both to you and your customers)
  • Hotel and conference space bookings (restaurants, etc.)
  • Database cleaning and maintenance
  • Providing information about your products and services
  • Email management
  • Fax management and conversion to email
  • Order placement
  • etc

The basic telesecretary package includes:

  • Management of calls 24/7
  • Handling of incoming calls for secretarial support (recording and forwarding messages), providing basic information about your company (working hours, location etc) and recording complaints
  • Appointment Booking
  • Answering using your company name or anything else you wish
  • Call handling in Greek and English language
  • Update for your calls via email and Web application
  • Ability to customize updates based on the time of day and type of information
  • Monthly statistical analysis of calls

The telesecretary package can be enriched with any of the following additional services (add-ons):

  • Call Recording
  • Booking appointments
  • Taking orders (cost per case)
  • Outgoing calls (appointment reminder, follow-up calls etc)
  • Updates for calls via SMS
  • Updates for calls via FAX
  • Call forwarding/White list
  • Extended options for update customization
  • IVR (cost per case)
  • Database management and enrichment (cost per case)
  • Non-standard statistical data (cost per case)
  • Email management (cost per case)
  • Fax Management (cost per case)
  • Web chat