In cooperation with InTouch24, a UK based company which specialises in providing telecare, Omnitouch proceeded to create telecare packages with the support of special equipment.

Through the telecare packages we undertake the task of monitoring elderly or people who need 24-hour observation for various conditions such as Alzheimer’s, heart disease, hypertension etc. These people no longer need to feel incapable or that they are a burden to family relatives and friends since they can operate completely independently with the confidence that there is someone who is looking out for them at all times.

At the push of a button, our specially trained agents will automatically open the line of communication and speak to our customer in order to ensure that they are well or check if they need help. For each customer there is a record of contact persons, their medical condition, the doctor in charge etc and we can follow the contact process that each customer has set for us.

With additional equipment we can even remind you to take your medication at specific times.