Consumer Line

Nowadays competition is tough and companies need ways to make themselves stand out. The consumer line is a tool that gives a very good competitive advantage, adds prestige to a company and all this at very little cost.

The consumer line is an open line of communication which the trader will ensure to promote (e.g. by printing it on packages of products) which will encourage clients to call at anytime if they feel they have something to say or if they want to find out further information; e.g. if the product’s packaging in a certain supermarket is damaged or if the product is passed the expiry date etc. The line operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Our highly trained staff can handle a consumer line, where you can inform and record complaints, giving advice and solutions always under your guidance of course.

The package includes:

  • Call management 24/7
  • Answering with the name of your company or your product
  • Handling calls in Greek and English language
  • Call Recording
  • Information about your product/services
  • Handling and recording complaints
  • Statistical analysis of calls

The package can also be enhanced with various additional options (with extra charge) such as sending text messages for urgent matters etc.

To activate the consumer line service you can call us on 77777247 and receive the relevant information.