Telesecretary Light Use

In responce to the increased needs of offshore companies registered in Cyprus as well as the needs of individuals who may work from home and want to display a more professional image to customers, Omnitouch Cyprus Ltd has designed the following package.

The following package is provided:

  • Answering calls 24/7
  • A phone number (+ 35725xxxxxx) for calls and fax service
  • Conversion from Fax to e-mail / forwarding E-mail services
  • Answering with your company name or anything else you wish
  • Call handling in Greek and English language
  • Update for your calls via email and web application
  • Ability to customize updates based on the time of day and type of information
  • Monthly Statistical analysis of calls
  • Outbound calls (calls on behalf of your company, transferring calls to individuals within the company even if they are abroad etc).

The package can be enriched with any of the following additional services (add-ons):

  • Call Recording
  • Update for calls via SMS
  • Update for calls via FAX
  • Extended options for update customization
  • IVR (cost per case)
  • Database Management and enrichment (cost per case)
  • Non-standardised statistical information
  • Email Management (cost per case)
  • Fax Management (cost per case)
  • Web chat